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Protect your 5th generation 4Runner from costly underbody damage with a complete set of RCI Offroad skid plates. An excellent addition to your vehicle or replacement for the cheap and extremely light duty OEM skid plates. RCI skid plates are…





Provide the maximum protection for your 5th generation 4Runner with a skid plate package by RCI Offroad. Package includes full front, transmission, transfer-case, and cross-member skid plates. Protect your investment with RCI skids, the ultimate defense for all on and off-road hazards.

Built with your choice of CNC laser cut 3/16″ steel or 1/4″ aluminum, this package is custom fit to protect 5th generation 2010-2024 4Runners with premium quality, fit and finish.



  • Includes engine, transmission and transfer-case skid plates.
  • Protects front two cross-members, low hanging front differential, oil pan,  transmission, second and third cross-members, exhaust cross pipe, and transfer-case
  • Excellent addition or replacement of weak, lightweight OEM skid plates
  • Simple installation and removal of all subsections for maintenance
  • Built in oil drain holes allow easy access and ability to change oil without removal of plate
  • Engine skid plates come standard with center mounting posts for substantially increased strength
  • Engine skid plate includes differential drop cage for maximum security and ground clearance, PLUS this feature allows the use of differential drop kits without having to space the skid plate down
  • Reinforced edges between cross-members for maximum strength and rigidity
  • Bolt protector rings surround exposed bolts, shielding against physical damage
  • Smooth, flat surface that easily slides over obstacles
  • Black epoxy powder coat finish is standard on steel skid plates for a rust resistant, durable and high quality finish, optional on aluminum
  • Features our latest and strongest transmission skid plate design
  • ALL Transfer-case cross-members are made of 3/16″ steel and powdercoated black, even on aluminum options. This is necessary for the maximum structural integrity of the skid plate
  • Easy installation
  • Hardware and installation instructions provided
  • Direct bolt on addition to existing factory attachment points, no drilling required

Weight: 118lbs Steel, 68lbs Aluminum






Prop 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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3/16" Steel – Black Powdercoat, 1/4" 5052 Aluminum – Raw Metal, 1/4" 5052 Aluminum – Black Powder Coat

Vehicle Model - Suspension

Non-KDSS, KDSS Equipped

11 reviews for Skid Plate Package | 10-24 4Runner

  1. Anthony Bower (verified owner)

    If you’re like me and ordered these during the Tax sale, you’re in luck. Shipping only took about two weeks, I also ordered the Fumoto valve with the steel skid plate package for my 4Runned to install everything in one shot. Just a heads up about that, they ship the Fumoto valve separately via USPS… who lost mine for about a week 😂. But you can install it with a 17mm socket with the RCI skid plates installed. Also, since RCI didn’t include instructions whatsoever and the website doesn’t have a link for the transfer case skid and cross member install, Jason Koertge, and Snail Trail 4×4’s YouTube channels helped out a ton. There’s also an article on that helps. I’ll throw the YouTube links in below.
    All in all, installation was pretty easy with a floor jack’s help (use a rubber disc on top), a stubby ratchet like the Titan sold by Autozone and some anti-seize. The steel is solid, everything cleared the exhaust etc, if you have any nicks from shipping damage just touch it up with an automotive paint pen and you’re good to go.

    4.8/5.0 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ Due to missing directions and having to wait on the Fumoto valve. I would have gone 5 stars if some candy or additional swag was included.

  2. cmrussell3173 (verified owner)

    I’ve had my set for almost a year now, got them during the T4R forum group buy. All I can say is that they’re great quality, I had very little trouble installing them by myself, they make oil changes a breeze, and they’ve provided valuable protection while offroad. I liked them enough that I’m coming back for cat guards and a roof rack (noticed I hadn’t left a review while on the site to shop for said items), because I know they’ll be just as good quality as the full set of skids!

  3. Geoffrey Hayton (verified owner)

    Got the full skid package in non-powdercoated aluminum right in time for a trip to Moab; they did great! Lot’s of scrapes and scratches going on Fins n’ Things and Hells Revenge in my non-lifted TRD Off-Road but they worked exactly as I hoped! Even better, actually; I had expected more gouging from some research I had done on aluminum but they were pretty minor scrapes actually despite running over some pretty intense rocks. Pretty simple install as well

  4. Milan

    Please : 08/18/21
    Do you have a skid plate that covers the catalytic converter as a theft deterrent?

    The 4runners are being targeted due to the easy access to CATs.

  5. John Panarelli

    Do you have a skid plate that covers the catalytic converter as a theft deterrent?

  6. Doug Huber (verified owner)

    Over all I’m pretty happy with my purchase of the aluminum skid plates for my gen 5 4Runner. I received them in their window of how long they said it would take to make and ship them (took about 6 weeks I believe), excellent boxing!
    Easy installation, it took one person approximately three hours on ramps with hand tools, despite not receiving instructions with the product. The hardware that was included was first rate.
    The two things I’m not to happy about are:
    1)There were no holes cut in the front of the engine skid on either side of the “RCI” insignia cutout, I believe these were there for a reason (air circulation) as shown in the pictures here. The OEM plate has cutouts, this one no longer does.
    2)The two “L” shaped reinforcements welded to the back of the Transmission skid shown in the install video were apparently omitted now? I feel a lot of the strength was lost due to this.

    • RCI Offroad (verified owner)

      Thanks for the feedback! You have a KDSS model and due to the design of the low hanging sway bar on that version, we do not include any vent holes other than the logo because it would make the skid plate vulnerable to damage in a location likely to be hit by rocks. On the transmission skid plate, the new version no longer uses center gussets because we upgraded the skid plate to have much stronger structural side flanges. The new version actually has a much higher weight bearing capacity than the previous version.

  7. chris moore (verified owner)

    just received these yesterday afternoon and installed them last night. It took about 2 hours without pneumatic tools and without a second set of hands. packaging was very tidy and instructions were easy to follow…now to beat them up a little and post a follow up review…

  8. Jim

    Recently had the 5th gen skid plate package installed on my 2019 TRD Off Road Premium. Quality and workmanship are excellent just like the rock sliders previously purchased.
    A small issue came up with the supplied shims for the transfer case skid plate. Those shims were used but I had vibration and noise since the skid plate was too close to the exhaust pipe. Extra shims (provided by local shop) were installed which now give about a 1 inch gap between the skid plate and the exhaust pipe. No vibration and noise. Problem solved.
    Great Products RCI !

  9. hilander_alum (verified owner)

    I ordered a 5th gen and 3rd gen skid plate packages on a Monday from a group buy and received them all the next momday. Had 2 questions and they answered them right away. Thanks RCI you guys are great!

  10. Steve (verified owner)

    I am quite impressed with the design and quality of workmanship that went into these skid plates. I went with the aluminum plates to eliminate concerns about rust since powder coat would get scratched off over time.

    I haven’t taken them off road yet, but these ¼ inch thick plates are much more rigid than the thin OEM steel ones so I’m confident they will work great. Not only is the material strong, but RCI engineers added strengtheners where needed to beef these up even more. Fit is perfect throughout!

    I think it’s important to note that the 4Runner apparently does not come with an OEM transfer case skid plate; not sure why. Now I have that thick aluminum plate protecting it, and that plate is supported with a strong, custom steel beam that came with it.

    Entire install took about 3 hours including cleanup. but anyone who is experienced could easily remove the old OEM plates and replace with these in about an hour. RCI has made it that easy.

    RCI is a premium company to work with. From beginning to end they made sure I was getting what I needed and kept me informed. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, too.

  11. Peter (verified owner)

    I just installed these skid plates a few weeks ago and the process was really simple. I was able to do it by myself without any struggles and the best thing is that everything is pretty straight forward for installation.
    I’ve been looking at these RCI skid for a while and I am really glad I picked these up. So far it does the job and it’s not much heavier compared to the stock skid plates. I was worried that I was going to add too much weight onto the 4R, but the difference was about 60lb added, which was perfect.
    I would recommend these if you are looking for a light skid plate and great underbody protection.

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