What is your powder coat process?

Our powder coat process starts with surface prep in fabrication where most surfaces are roughed up using mechanical sanders. The parts are then treated with a phosphate wash before an initial bake to remove all remaining surface contamination. Rock sliders get an extra step of being hand wiped with Acetone to remove all oils prior to the phosphate pressure washing. The first step in the powder process is an epoxy primer. Experience has shown us that there is no substitute for this step, and the paint job will eventually fail if this is skipped. After the primer coat is baked on, we apply a top coat of a durable textured satin black powder, then do a final bake of the parts. The coating materials and methods we choose for our products are designed to exceed a 5,000-hour salt spray under ASTM D 117-94 test methods.

Do you have to powder coat aluminum?

Not necessarily. Raw aluminum will not rust like steel and looks fantastic alone. Over time there will be some oxidation of the metal which does not change the functionality, just makes the surface look a bit hazy. At that time there’s always an option to powder coat over for a fresh new look.

Do your products come painted or powder coated?

Many of our products are available in powder coat or bare metal, your choice.

What does bare metal mean?

Bare products are manufactured the exact same as those getting powdercoated, they just skip that step and go straight to shipping. We are sure to smooth out any scratches or marks that would show through powdercoating, but there could be minor scuffs on them. Bare aluminum we are especially cautious to keep the surfaces scratch free but there could still be minor blemishes since they start life as a blank sheet and have to go through many production steps before they get boxed up.

Do you offer different colors of powder coat? How do I get it painted a different color?

We only offer textured black powdercoat. If you need a different color for your project you will need to order the part bare and find a local powder coat shop to finish it for you. Some of our parts cannot be purchased bare metal in which case you can spray paint right over top of the powdercoating!

What diameter tubing do you use?

The outer tubes on our sliders are made from 1.75″ x .120 wall DOM tubing. Bumper hoops are typically 1.75″ x .120 wall HREW tubing. Our Slider main rails are 2″ x 2″ x .120 wall square tubing.

What type of steel and aluminum do you use? Where is it sourced?

For steel plate and bar we use A36, steel tubing is A500, aluminum is 5052. All of our steel is from the USA or Canada. Aluminum tube is from the USA but 5052 aluminum is predominantly manufactured in either China or South Africa. We only use Chinese aluminum because it is by far the highest quality. We use 5052 aluminum alloy because it is able to be formed without weakening (and cracking) the metal like 6061 does.

What is the weight difference between steel and aluminum armor?

1/4″ Aluminum is approximately half the weight of 3/16″ steel. When comparing 1/4″ aluminum to 10ga. steel, aluminum is about 70% of the weight.

Can I pick up my order at your location in Loveland, CO?

Absolutely! We are happy to do local pick ups and there is an option to do so when purchasing on our website. Note that this option will only show up if you enter a Colorado address, so if you are driving through from out of state and want to pick up at our shop, use our shop address as your “ship to” address to enable the “local pickup” shipping option.

Is the product I ordered in stock?

If it’s a common single skid plate or small item there is a good chance we will have it in stock and ship it within a couple days. However, lead times are subject to change due to our current volume of orders. For current lead times please feel free to call us or visit https://rcioffroad.wpengine.com/current-lead-times

Is my payment secure?

Sure is! We use 256bit SSL encryption, look for the lock in the address bar (or status bar) in the checkout process to verify. Still not comfortable ordering online? Call us to place your order, 970-797-3089

Do you have dealers in Canada, can you ship to Canada?

We are happy to ship direct to you in Canada, or we also have a number of dealers who can help you out. Call us at 970-797-3089 for more info.

Do you offer a military or first responders discount?

We are proud to offer a discount for our military and first responders. Please call or email us and we will be happy to give you a discount code.

What is the tow rating on bumpers.

Our bumpers are not officially rated for towing. We try and design them to be more than strong enough to handle the factory tow capacity of the vehicle, but there are many variables such as the need for long drop hitches due to to high clearance bumpers which causes higher stresses on the bumper because of the leverage. Call us if you have questions about your particular application and we will be glad to help.

What is the weight rating of the RCI Bed racks?

In general, the racks will tolerate more weight than your bedsides will. We design our racks to hold common items such as roof top tents, Rotopax fuel cans, traction boards, bike mounts, etc and they will easily handle this. We recommend approximately 750lbs as a benchmark capacity for static loading (ie. when sleeping in a roof top tent), and 350 lbs. dynamic load when you are driving. That is enough for a tent, one pair maxtrax, two fuel cans, two mountain bikes, and an awning with a some capacity to spare.

Are your skid plates KDSS Compatible?

Yes, we have one specifically designed for the KDSS equipped trucks.

Are the skid plates diff-drop compatible?

Yes, they are! We are the only company designed to work with diff-drops with no modification required on most vehicles. Best of all, our design has no compromise in performance to allow this. Tundra engine skid plates require 5 spacers to accomodate a diff drop and these are included with the kit.

Is it required to remove the skid plates for oil changes?

Most of the time, no. Only some models require removal of a skid plate for oil changes, and in these cases we make it very user friendly and quick to do so.