Q: Is your T4R Skid plate KDSS Compatible?

A: Yes, we have one specifically designed for the KDSS equipped trucks.

Q: Does the T4R A-arm Skids fit a KDSS vehicle?

A: Not yet. We are working on a new design to include this feature.

Q: Are the skid plates diff-drop compatible?

A: Yes, they are! We are the only company designed to work with diff-drops.

Q: Do you have to powder coat aluminum?

A: Not necessarily. Raw aluminum will not rust like steel and looks fantastic alone. Over time there will be some oxidation of the metal which does not change the functionality, just makes the surface look a bit hazy. At that time there’s always an option to powder coat over for a fresh new look.

Q: Is it required to remove the skid plates for oil changes?

A: Most of the time, no. Only on 03-09 4Runner and F-150 truck models is it necessary.