Bed Racks and Accessories

Looking to add more storage capacity to your truck? Maybe just a high quality platform to mount your roof top tent? RCI Metalworks’s bed bars and bed racks are your solution.

We provide a wide range of high-quality, durable bed racks for all pickup trucks including Toyota, Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Nissan and Jeep

The Best Bed Racks Available

We are flattered by the immitations of our bed racks on the market, but make sure you check the specs. RCI prides ourselves on providing features like OEM quality primed and powdercoated finishes, robotic welding, laser cutting, and CNC bending for a perfect fit and finish that will last for years. If you think there is something that compares, let us know and we will show you the difference or else match the price. 

Explore our selection below.