RCI Off Road Partnerships Program Overview

RCI Offroad is looking to partner with off-roading and overlanding  content producers, influencers, events, community / club organizers who share in RCI Offroad’s approach to Content & Community. If you’d like to hear more about the Partnership Program at RCI Offroad, read on:

>  How Can I Get Sponsored By RCI Offroad?

Short answer… If you just bought your first “fill in the blank” and you are looking to build the truck and want us to provide you with a bunch of free stuff — Sorry, but the answer is 99.9% going to be “NO”. If that’s not your situation, please continue on…

>  How Can I Partner With RCI Offroad?

Ahhhh… that’s more like it! We are looking to form partnerships that are mutually beneficial where both parties in the partnership provide value to each other. Keep in mind, that value isn’t always measured in revenue or followers. If you think you have what it takes to provide value, we want to hear from you!

>  What Options Do I Have To Partner With RCI Offroad?


Ideal fit for off-roading and overlanding content producers with a large follower base that aligns with the DIY / enthusiast market

  • Collaborate with RCI Offroad on projects / content / product ideas.
  • Receive discounted / free products in exchange for promoting RCI Offroad with unique, compelling and entertaining content.
  • Leverage RCI Offroad audience to gain exposure as we cross-promote our partnership in Email / Social channels
  • Promote specific products or RCI Offroad as a one-stop destination
  • If you feel this might be a good fit, we want to hear from you. Please fill out our Influencer Partnerships Form and email partnerships@rcioffroad.com when you have completed it. We will review your information and set up a follow up to discuss any potential opportunities.

Community / Event Sponsorships

Ideal fit for industry organizers / truck clubs / off-roading groups / etc. who are looking for monetary or product support for an upcoming event.

  • We need advanced notice – please don’t hit us up on Tuesday for an event happening Saturday.
  • While we would love to support every request, realistically we will have to make decisions on where we can partner with your event and where we can’t. The sooner we know about your event, the better chance it has to get approved.
  • Please share as much information as you can regarding your event
    • How long has it been running
    • Expected / Past attendance
    • Goal/focus of event or organization
    • What does our sponsorship help you achieve?
    • Are you seeking any other similar businesses like RCI Offroad to sponsor your event?
  • What exactly are you looking for? Sponsorship means a lot of different things when people say it. Are you looking for a monetary investment, products for a raffle, some RCI T-shirts for a gift bag, be specific please.
  • In return for our Sponsorship of your event/organization – what are you offering in exchange
  • If you feel this might be a good fit, we want to hear from you. Email partnerships@rcioffroad.com with some background info, we will review your information and set up a follow up to discuss any potential opportunities.