18″ HD Bed Rack

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The RCI Bed Rack saves space and organizes your truck bed by allowing all of your gear to be securely mounted with easy accessibility.



The RCI 18″ Heavy Duty Bed Rack is our top of the line rack that carries the same features and benefits as our custom fit racks, but with the added flexibility of being able to mount to ANY truck bed ranging from a Chevy Colorado to a Dodge 3500. Best of all, this bed rack does it all without sacrificing strength or added weight! We are so confident in the  this rack that we have phased out most of our custom sized racks to be replaced by this model. You simply choose one of three bed length configurations, the width is fully adjustable to match your specific truck. This rack saves space and organizes your truck bed by allowing all of your gear to be securely mounted with easy accessibility. Designed to accept roof top tents and other heavy gear while keeping your truck bed wide open and accessible for all of your gear. 



  • Mount anything from lights, Hi-lift, co2, fire extinguisher, quick-fist, roto-pax, spare tire, roof top tent, bike mounts, roof baskets, etc
  • This is our HD model, utilizing three cross-members spanning the truck bed, this rack is has the highest weight capacity and provides even weight distribution on the trucks bed side rails
  • Built in mounting points allow unlimited options for adding accessories
  • Bolts to inside of bed rails or can alternatively be mounted with optional “drill-free” clamps *Many Toyota and Jeep models can be bolted directly to accessory bed rails
  • Rack is 18″ tall from bed rail to top of rack
  • Maintains complete visibility through the back window of most trucks due to its added height
  • Slotted mounting points on top of rack accept nearly any roof top tent, allowing tent to be bolted on in a matter of minutes
  • Adjustable width adapts to any truck bed from 56.5″ – 64″ width between the  bed rails
  • Tall enough to fit up to a 35″ spare tire in the bed of a Tacoma, with even more room on full size pickups
  • Includes TWO top braces for unlimited accessory and tent mounting options
  • Heavy duty black textured powdercoat finish comes standard, plus we take it a step further and coat all racks with an epoxy primer for an exponentially more durable finish
  • Easy bolt together assembly, takes about 45 minutes to install
  • All hardware and installation instructions provided

*This rack has been unofficially tested in-house to support as much as 1500lbs static load but depending on factors such as bed width, truck model, ect. we recommend approximately 750lbs as a benchmark for static capacity (weight on rack when parked / sleeping in tent etc). This is simply a guideline, as always use your best judgement on safety when heavily loading the rack.




Adjustable Bedrack Install Guide


Additional information


5ft Bed (46"), 5ft-6in Bed (52"), 6ft + Bed (58")

8 reviews for 18″ HD Bed Rack

  1. Tara

    I installed this, used on my 21 Taco 2.5 yrs ago with my RTT & accessories mounted. It’s very heavy duty. Doesn’t budge at all. I feel very safe mounting all my gear to it.

    It did begin to rust. It is steel. After sanding, hitting it up with rust reformer, primer and bed liner she looks even better!! Highly recommend.

  2. dgtwood (verified owner)

    Very well constructed and straight forward to assemble. It is a solid and useful rack that will probably outlive the 30 year old truck it is attached to, which was also straight forward and sturdy. Love this rack1

  3. Richard

    I love it. It’s on a 2002 first Gen Tacoma. My only question is if I could install a soft top camper under it?

  4. Chris A,

    Mounted on my 2020 F150 and it’s outstanding. Height is PERFECT to mount a clamshell style RTT. Front edge of the tent clears the back of the cab with just enough room to spare. Just buy it! You know you wanna!

  5. Sheepy (verified owner)

    Super sturdy rack! I originally put it on a 1999 dodge ram 1500 and transferred it to a brand new truck with no problems. The height is really nice on it, and the build is so solid that it basically becomes a part of the truck without drilling any holes. The build quality is amazing and the black coat on it can take a heck of a beating. Looks great and it super functional, I recommend this rack to all of my friends.

  6. Stiff (verified owner)

    So far, I am very impressed. It seems incredibly sturdy and well built. There’s so many things good to say about the 18” rack. First of all, it’s 18 inches. So many racks I see are two damn low. Second, it fits my ‘14 Ford F-150 6.5 ft bed… WITHOUT DRILLING HOLES. The welds are clean and the material is rock solid. I love it. Well worth the wait. Thank you.

  7. Steve Olbert

    Absolutely love the 18” adjustable rack for my 2021 tundra. Easy to install and really sturdy as my tent and accessories are heavy. DISCLAIMER: if you want the ladder on your rooftop tent to be off the side of your pickup you will need the second top brace. Delivered ahead of schedule and well protected in box. Thank you RCI for an awesome product.

  8. Shaun A Kriske (verified owner)

    Really sturdy. Not moving at all.

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