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Protect your F-150 from costly theft and underbody damage with an RCI Metalworks Catalytic Guard Kit. This part provides full catalytic converter coverage and fills the gap between the vehicle frame and transmission skid plate for a seamless theft prevention solution.

*Requires RCI Transmission Skid Plate for installation




With the RCI Catalytic Guards you can finally rest easy without the fear of theft! Protect your investment with the high quality transmission skid plate and catalytic guards by RCI Metalworks. Ties in seamlessly with RCI Engine and transmission skid plates and compatible with the OEM F-150 Engine and Transfer Case skid plates.

Built with CNC laser cut 10g steel, this plate is custom fit to protect the catalytic converters of all 2009-2022 Ford F-150’s with premium quality, fit and finish.


  • Protects exposed catalytic converters from on and off road debris
  • Excellent addition to the RCI Transmission skid to aid in preventing catalytic converter thefts (Transmission Skid Plate is required for installation)
  • Vented design for adequate airflow and heat dissipation
  • Smooth, flat surface that easily slides over obstacles
  • Increases strength of transmission skid plate
  • Installs in minutes, yet once installed on truck cannot be removed without removing skid plates
  • All hardware and installation instructions provided

*Fits 4×4 models only

*Does not fit powerboost models. See our other listing for powerboost specific cat guards

*Does NOT include transmission skid plate, needed for installation. Please see Transmission Skid Plate | 09-Present F-150


Prop 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in

PowerBoost (Hybrid), EcoBoost (3.5 &2.7)/5.0

4 reviews for Catalytic Guard | 15-Present F-150

  1. Ron van der voort (verified owner)

    These are the best. I ordered these and the tranny skid plate this summer . They have been on the truck now about 4 months and they haven’t rusted (steel powder coated) don’t rattle and I still have my cats.

    These monsters made my dealer do a double take when they felt the weight after the removed them for an oil change. For some reason they don’t like using the access door. Quality is superior to any other skid plates, other than perhaps RCI’s own aluminum plates.

    I will add the front plates next year and may go for the black aluminum instead just to shave off some weight. Great products, great service.

  2. Russ (verified owner)

    Seems RCI updated the designs, I did not need to drill any holes, all holes were pre-drilled. I lined up the holes one these ‘wings’ with the holes on the tranny plate, pushed the wings as high as I could , knowing I may need to lower then a touch later, then tightened them down. When I installed the tranny plate, I was able to fit everything with about 3/16th inch gaps… i.e. it fit perfectly… no rubbing but no exploitable gap.

    I originally bought just the transmission plate with the cat protector wings. When I got them, I decided I wanted the whole package. So I ordered the rest. Then I ordered the Ronin oil drain plug… I waited for the oil change interval and added the drain plug. The following weekend I installed the skid plates. I did it completely alone, using a ramps to lift the truck and a jack to carry the weight of the tranny plate with these wings when I got to that point. I took 75 pictures with my phone and a couple videos, stopped for 2 breaks, including lunch. It took me about 3 hours in my driveway. Would have been faster without all the pics video and break time.

    I used a Kobalt battery powered screw gun / impact driver to remove and install all the hardware. And a normal ratchet to do final tightening of all bolts.

    Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezey…

  3. Hayden Wood (verified owner)

    Excellent product, i had a coworker recently have their catalytic converters stollen in a parking lot. I looked online and stumbled on these and had to order them. The quality and finish is great as well as the added value of protection. Do yourself a favor, look into the cost of the catalytic converters themselves and you will see how this is definitely a must. 5 stars for a great product!

  4. tomcberta

    Added these to my existing RCI skid plates. You do have to remove the transmission plate, line up the cat guard wings properly, then mark the holes, measure again, punch a spot, drill a pilot hole and then drill the final hole. Sounds like a lot but not really. My assembly went smoothly although I was cautious if not confused at first which wing went on which side. Finally got it.
    Once the wings are on, the new trans plate with wings is heavy! Get help reinstalling the new assembly.
    Now – once these are back on the truck, you will very happy you added the wings. You cannot see key alone try to remove the cats!
    I’m super please with the entire front to tank skid plates on my truck.

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