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Provide the maximum protection for your 2015-2022 F-150 with a full skid plate package deal by RCI Metalworks. Protect your investment with RCI skids, the ultimate defense for all on and off-road hazards…





Provide the maximum protection for your 2015-2022 F-150 with a skid plate package by RCI Metalworks. Protect your investment with RCI skids, the ultimate defense for all on and off-road hazards.

Many F150 owners have been looking for skid plates for everyday use and light off-roading, whether camping, hunting, working, or playing. We listened to your feedback and RCI skid plates for 2015-2022 trucks are now available in two options, providing the protection for any application. Below are the benefits of 10ga steel and 1/4” aluminum options, both offering premium quality, fit and finish.

10ga Steel– Great all-purpose protection, and the best value for the money. These make a great upgrade whether you already have the stock skid plates, or have nothing at all. Our 10 gauge skid plates are far tougher than OEM and provide significantly more coverage, especially when purchased as part of our “Full Skid Plate Package”. A heavy duty black powdercoat finish is standard on the steel option and will provide years of reliable use and great looks. WEIGHS 88lbs

1/4Aluminum– Excellent all around protection for any purpose, substantially stronger than factory skid plates, extremely corrosion  resistant and cannot rust means they require no finish or paint prior to installation. The aluminum skid plates are extremely lightweight yet strong and are the premium choice if you are looking for the best strength to weight ratio, while being comparable if not holding a slight edge over the 10ga steel product line. WEIGHS 58lbs



  • Includes front, transmission and transfer-case skid plates.
  • Protects expensive EPAS power steering unit, front differential, front cross-member, engine, engine bay, low hanging intercooler (Ecoboost models), transmission, exhaust, oil pan, transfer-case and vacuum pump
  • Compatible with all 4×4 trucks (includes Ecoboost and Raptor models)
  • Simple installation and removal of all subsections for maintenance
  • Built in oil drain holes allow easy access and ability to change oil without removal of plate on most models
  • Smooth, flat surface that easily slides over obstacles
  • Steel version-black powder coated for rust resistant, durable and high quality finish
  • Installs in minutes
  • All hardware and installation instructions provided
  • Direct bolt on addition to existing factory attachment points, no drilling required
  • 15-20 F-150 Model trucks may require removal of the air dam for installation. This air dam should be re-attachable post install.
  • 2021-22 Model trucks will not require the removal of the air dam for install.

**Fumoto or Ronin Valve recommended for easy and clean oil changes with transmission skid plate installed

**Please see our “Current Lead Times” tab for the most up to date information! 

*Not Compatible with 4+” Lift Kits





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10 Gauge Steel – Black Powder Coat, 1/4" 5052 Aluminum – Raw Metal, 1/4" 5052 Aluminum – Black Powder Coat


PowerBoost (Hybrid), EcoBoost (3.5 &2.7)/5.0

15 reviews for Full Skid Plate Package | 15-Present F-150

  1. Steve Sinor

    The black steel full kit looks amazing and is very easy to install on the 2019 F150. It took me about an hour and a half start to finish, solo with no lift. Start from the front and don’t tighten anything (including the mounting brackets) all the way until all your plates are installed and then tighten from the back to the front, pushing all of the plates forward as you go to make sure they are all the way in the “sandwich” of the plate in front. Looking at the downloadable instructions (for the clearer color photos) might help if you are unsure of anything. I expect much better protection than stock skid plates and look forward to climbing some slopes that my previous F150 couldn’t handle. Thanks RCI!

  2. STEPHEN M ALLEN (verified owner)

    This is a really nice upgrade. I did it myself in the driveway in about 2 hours. Everything fit perfectly and it is a huge upgrade over the factory FX4 skid plates.

  3. Loren (verified owner)

    I purchased the full package (steel) for my 2019 F150 and couldn’t be happier with the quality. The kit was easy to install in the driveway by myself and the protection it provides is top notch. Highly recommend!!!

  4. Fil

    These are by far the best skid plates around. I’ve had the full steel ones on my 2016 F150 for 4 yrs now and I just ground and painted them as they were rusting as expected. They’re still solid and I’m sure I’ll beat on them for another 4yrs! Only disappointing thing is that I just noticed that it now comes with the transfer case skid and not sure if i just didn’t get it or it wasn’t part of the kit at the time.

  5. Vincent (verified owner)

    I got the raw aluminum full skid package and it is awesome. Reason I gave a 4 stars because there is no opening or cut out for oil filter for replacement (maybe make a trap door similar to the oil pan area). Replacing oil filter will require to remove the front plate.

  6. Liem Nguyen

    Took less than two hours to install
    a whole lot better than OEM. I did it in my driveway by myself with no lift or jacking it up.

  7. James Ashley (verified owner)

    I ordered the full skid plate package to replace the fiberglass stock skid plates that had been damaged. It did take a couple weeks to get them, but once I received them I was able to install them with ease and in just over an hour for the entire package. They are very heavy duty but easy enough to install without a ton of extra equipment needed.

  8. Daniel Cox (verified owner)

    Installed on 2020 F150. Looks great, fit great. I think the extra weight of the Steel plates makes my truck feel more grounded. Product looks tuff and I’m sure will protect my F150 vitals when I need them to. Looks better than any others I have had.

  9. Justin (verified owner)

    A huge upgrade over the flimsy fabric stock covers. I feel a lot more protected, especially the plastic oil pan. Materials are high quality and the finishes on mine were perfect. Install took about 1.5 hours and very straightforward and easy enough for one person to do. I highly recommend.

  10. Joey K

    Very well engineered product. Fit was perfect, my daughter and I put the full skid set on in about 3 hours start to finish.
    Very high quality.

  11. Kevin (verified owner)

    Great quality and fit (steel plates for 2023 F150 v8). I don’t have any background working on cars/trucks, but was able to install everything. Their technical support was excellent (and patient), getting me over my confusion about the mounting of the front engine plate. Exceptional support.

  12. Jim (verified owner)

    I installed the aluminum skid plates on my 22 Lariat 3.5 EB today, everything went perfect, did not need to remove the air dam, everything fit just right. I was able to install them in less than 2 hours by myself. Thanks RCI. i’ll be ordering the cat guards soon 🙂

  13. Charles (verified owner)

    I got the 1/4″ raw aluminum full package for my F-150 and they look great, we will see how they hold up. The reason I only gave 4 stars is because the instructions for installation were terrible and they didn’t even include the torque specs for the bolts. I emailed RCI to get torque specs and to this day have not heard back. I did end up calling them and the guy that I talked to was extremely nice. He gave me to torque specs, but said torquing certainly wasn’t necessary and just “good and tight” would work. Good and tight is extremely subjective and could lead to all sorts of issues over and under. They need to revamp the instructions to make them more clear (a diagram at the least) and include the torque specs (there is a reason every other bolt on a truck has a spec).

  14. Road Trip (verified owner)

    I have the full aluminum setup on my 2022 F150. Needed the tank straps to mount the tank plate. Everything went well. Used a drive-on lift for install and was very easy. I think the catalytic guards should be integral not separate pieces. Otherwise a high quality product that fits perfectly.
    Thanks people!

  15. pelegrinm78

    I’ve been wanting to be able to really protect the bottom of my Truck. I installed the full kit and it looks amazing. It took me about 1 1/2 to do the whole bottom, the 30 minutes was to do preventive maintenance and clean and spray rust-oleum all over.
    RCI made it simple, you can reuse existing hardware and installation was easy.

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