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The rocker panel is the most vulnerable area on your vehicle when off-road, as well as one of the most costly to repair. Protect your investment with a pair of RCI heavy duty rock sliders…


The rocker panel is the most vulnerable area on your vehicle when off-road, as well as one of the most costly to repair. Protect your investment with a pair of RCI heavy duty rock sliders.

RCI sliders utilize a full frame support mounting plate which serves both to protect your frame from damage, as well as provides an extremely rigid attachment for the sliders by using multiple bolt locations all across the frame. These will help protect the truck both off-road as well as in the parking lot, and are still very functional as a step if needed.



  • Protects rocker panels and doors
  • Our sliders utilize a 2″ square main tube which is far stronger than 1.75″ round tube used by competitors
  • 1.75″ DOM outer rails are now standard for uncompromised strength
  • Heavy duty 1/4″ gussets on all legs
  • 45 degree mitered main tube ends provide a superior aesthetic appearance as well as more functional design that won’t hang up
  • Full length 1/4″ frame plate on passenger side provides up to 15 mounting points, guaranteeing a slider as strong or stronger than anything else on the market
  • Easily capable of supporting the entire side of truck for lifting with hi-lift, or sliding on rocks
  • Standard with 20 degree upward angle, creates a low profile with maximum ground clearance
  • Direct bolt on addition to existing mounting locations, no drilling required
  • Available bolt on tread plate for step surface provides many benefits
    • Added safety for kids and pets getting in and out of the vehicle
    • Added protection to rocker panels from rocks and debris thrown from tires
    • Dimpled surface gives added grip and provides structural rigidity to the slider
    • We recommend 5 Degree angle with this option, for flatter step surface
  • Easy install with only basic hand tools
  • Available with our heavy duty black textured powdercoat finish, plus we take it a step further and coat all rock sliders with an epoxy primer for an exponentially more durable finish than competitors. We now powder coat in-house allowing us to provide better quality, and shorter lead times for the same cost!
  • Grade 5 & 8 hardware provided where applicable
  • Standard with our signature low profile rear kickout

*Not compatible with Limited model 4Runner without removing or cutting the plastic rocker trim.

*Does not work with XREAS equipped models

**Please see our “Current Lead Times” tab for the most up to date information! 




Comparison of standard Hot Roll Electric Welded (HREW) steel tubing vs. Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) tubing. 

Tubing Type


Yeild Strength (PSI)


Ultimate Strength (PSI)


DOM 72,900 ** 82,300 **

*Approximate mechanical specs for engineering design, may vary slightly depending manufacturer.

**Certified specs provided by RCI Offroads DOM supplier

Additional information

Top Tread Plate

No Top Tread Plate, Add Top Tread Plate


Non-KDSS, KDSS Equipped


Bare Metal, Satin Black Powdercoat

Slider Angle

20 Degree Sliders (Standard), 5 Degree Sliders

10 reviews for Rock Sliders | 10-Present 4Runner

  1. Jim (verified owner)

    Recently received the 5 degree coated rock sliders for my 2019 4Runner TRD Off Road,
    and had them installed today.
    The install was done at the shop that I use for all automotive work.
    3 auto techs commented as follows: “Great quality and workmanship”
    The sliders fit exactly and the install time was approximately one hour.
    I will provide further input once I have some off road experience with the sliders.

  2. Mark Campbell (verified owner)

    Just installed mine. 2020 4Runner off road premium non KDSS. Packaging was very nice. Boxed well and protected on all corners in the box. Install and fitment was perfect. I was amazed at how well they fit. No grinding needed on any bolt holes and exact amount of hardware included. Very well built, welds are very nice. I think a very worthy addition for protection. Protrudes from the side just enough to protect all the vulnerable areas but not too much to detract from clearance. Very nicely designed and made. I could not be happier. Install took about half hour a side by myself. I just propped them up on jack stands until I could get the first few bolts installed. then all other bolts went in perfectly. The mounting holes are oblong so you can adjust height a small amount for variance in vehicles. I was able to mount mine as high up as holes alowed and my doors clear perfectly. Very well done RCI!

  3. Ken G (verified owner)

    Received my sliders in less than two weeks. Installation was simple. Recommend using a hydraulic jack. Looks fantastic on my 2016 4Runner!

  4. Edgar (verified owner)

    Got my sliders today for my 4Runner 2020, it took about a week to get them.
    The install was very easy, around 1h40min ( I did it alone)
    I’m very happy with the quality of the sliders, the powder coating is flawless. Can’t wait to get to the trail and give em a try.
    The sliders didn’t provide any instructions, but like I said it’s extremely easy to install and everything makes sense once they are aligned with the frame.
    I used couple of hydraulic jacks to put them into place.

  5. Dan (verified owner)

    Very easy install. Easy to figure out without instructions. On the driver’s side you need to pop off the brake line bolt (initially forgot to do this as I was getting it in place), but after that simply line up and bolt into place and level it. Just did them on my 21 4Runner. Very solid attachment, lots of bolts going into the frame, so I’m not concerned at all about the ability of these to hold the weight of the vehicle.

  6. Chris (verified owner)

    Went with these due to the reputation and quality of this company. When I opened the box, they exceeded my expectations. Thanks RCI for your outstanding quality. Well worth the price. I was nervous about the welds as I am a welder, and very picky, but wow whoever you guys have welding gets an A+ In my book. Thanks RCI. Great company, well shipped, amazing quality.

  7. Dale Trask

    Bought in 2018 with factory powder coat finish. Vehicle has not been offroad and within 6 months powder coat began bubbling and rust formed under the power coat finish where the top plate is welded to the round bars. This premature powder coat failure is usually a result of poor metal prep prior to power coat! My rock sliders are now more brown than black and the powder coat is peeling where the top plate meets the round bars. Wish I had not paid for the powder coat as now I’ll have to pay someone to blast and re-powder coat my bars.

    Will be posting this on Google and Yelp.

    • RCI Offroad (verified owner)

      Hi Dale thank you for your feedback and I apologize for your experience with the powdercoating!

      We built a brand new manufacturing plant in 2018 in order to take control of all manufacturing processes in-house, and particularly paint which was outsourced at the time. Unfortunately your order was just prior to this upgrade and again I apologize for this. That said, we have experienced no paint related warranty issues in over 2 years and have not only squashed any potential powdercoat concerns, we have ensured that we are the ABSOLUTE BEST in the industry.

      Please feel free to reach out to us at 970-797-3089 and we would love to see how we can improve your experience with RCI.

  8. jimenez6541 (verified owner)

    What a great transaction and speedy shipping. I installed the 5 degree sliders on our 21 4Runner myself without any issues whatsoever. Fantastic quality in every detail. RCI will be my go to company for these such items.

  9. Tom M (verified owner)

    After doing LOTS of research, the RCI Sliders became the obvious choice.

    Well made. Solid. Durable. Good looking.

  10. Lance (verified owner)

    The standard 20 degree RCI rock sliders are so well made (DOM steel), and they look fabulous. Best bang for the buck in my opinion. My wife and I installed them in about 2 hours on my 2021 4Runner Off Road Premium. The fit was perfect, all of the screw holes lined up without having to maneuver the sliders. I was really surprised, figured if I ran into any difficulty, I could always have them professionally installed. RCI Metal Works is a great American business.

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