Josh’s 2022 Lexus GX460 – Build List

I chose the GX, because I wanted to get the last of the legendary V8 platforms, so I could build something that would last forever and handle anything I can throw at it. Also wanted to build something that would stand out from the crowd when all was said and done. 

Being based out of Arkansas we have tons of mud and water crossings, so being able to navigate any kind of terrain was at the very top of my concerns when deciding what to build onto an already solid platform. 

When we did the PPF it was due to all of our trails being so overgrown, and wanting to minimize the pinstriping, even though it is inevitable.

In the winter, being able to get up to the San Juan’s for snowboarding was also a must, and having an “all around build” is exactly what I ended up with! 

Future plans involve a rear bumper, and some other minor additions for comms/lighting. 

Build List:


  • RCI Full Steel Skid Plate Package
  • RCI Rock Sliders with Top Plate
  • True North Fab Filler Plate
  • Bison Gear Rear Window Panels
  • Dobinsons Snorkel
  • Hidden Winch Mount
  • Sherpa Yale Roof Rack

  • Icon Alloy 17″ Rebound Pro Wheels


  • Apache Offroad AX-2 Shocks
  • Upper Control Arms
  • Panhard Bar
  • Upper & Lower Links
  • Sway Bar Spacers
  • Front & Rear KDSS Links
  • Bolt On Panhard Correction Kit

  • Carven Over Axle Dump Exhaust
  • XPel Stealth Satin PPF – Full Body

Featured RCI Products On Josh’s Lexus GX460:

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