Alvin’s 2022 TRD Offroad Tacoma

Having a great experience with Toyota, there is no doubt that my next vehicle would be another Toyota line. Fall of 2021, I acquired my first truck a 2022 Tacoma TRD Off-road with the intention of using as a utility vehicle. 

Living in a suburban Chicago there’s no place for off-roading. While on a vacation I came across this Offroad Park in Indiana and met a group of gentlemen who helped me out with my first off-roading experience, I’ve tried and tested out what this vehicle can do (in stock). Right then after hitting the obstacle I knew that I needed an upgrade and protection for my undercarriage.

With the new hobby and Ioving the outdoors I met more and more people who had the same passion, I ended up off-roading more often that led to overlanding, I started from tenting in the truck bed then upgraded to RTT. 

I chose RCI rock sliders because of the 20° angle and a kick out that saved me numerous times and from being turtled a couple. I like the option of a tonneau adapter for bed rack that I was able to keep my bed cover which other companies do not offer, and most importantly the rear differential skid from hitting the rock, boulder, and logs. Unfortunately, I discovered RCI after purchasing my roof rack and full skids.

When time comes, my next upgrade would be front suspension, overland front bumper, and high clearance swing out rear bumper. 

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Build List:


  • RCI Rock slider 20° angle
  • RCI Fuel tank skid plate 10g steel
  • RCI Rear differential skid plate
  • RCI 12” HD Bed rack
  • RCI Bed rack tonneau adapters
  • CBI Full skid plates
  • Martin Offroad roof rack

  • 8 Gang switch Panel
  • LED Light bar
  • Bumper Lights
  • Ditch Lights


  • TRD Off-Road OEM suspension (Bilstein)
  • Westcott TRD Off-Road preload collar
  •  Icon RXT leaf pack – stage 3

Wheels & Tires:

  • Icon Rebound satin black, 17×8.5
  • Falken Wildpeak A/T3W 285/70/17

  • 23Zero 180° Peregrine awning
  • Amazon 4 season RTT
  • Radioddity 25W Quad band GMRS radio, VHF/UHF Long Range antenna , Midland GMRS XTalker handheld radio 
  • WeBoost Drive Reach Overland cell booster
  • freezer/cooler
  • EcoFlow battery pack
  • air compressor
  • NATO Jerry can
  • CL beaver shovel
  • Vault
  • Plano
  • Apache and Pelican storage cases
  • Bottle Jack
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Diesel heater
  • Recovery ropes and shackles.

Featured RCI Products On Alvin’s Tacoma:

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