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The RCI Bronco Roof Rack is a premium rack system designed specifically for the 2021-Present Broncos. This rack features laser cut and CNC machined aluminum components for an overall light weight, high capacity rack, that requires NO drilling or modification of any kind.  Adjustable and removable extruded “T-Slot” cross-bars allow unlimited flexibility for mounting accessories.


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The RCI Bronco Roof Rack is a premium rack system designed specifically for the 2021-Present Broncos. This rack features laser cut and CNC machined aluminum components for an overall light weight, high capacity rack, that requires NO drilling or modification of any kind.  Adjustable and removable extruded “T-Slot” cross-bars allow unlimited flexibility for mounting accessories.

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  • Mount anything from lights, Hi-lift jacks, roof top tents, shower systems, Maxtrax, quick-fist, RotoPax, spare tire,  bike mounts, roof baskets, etc.
  • Unique design allows removal of all three front roof panels with the rack in place
  • Side panels feature removable filler panels for a superior finished look (simply take them off when you want to remove the roof, or leave them off if you prefer!)
  • Heavy duty design will easily support roof top tents and heavy gear
  • 1/4″ 5052 aluminum laser cut side panels and rear fairing, 1″x 2″ black anodized T-slot cross-bars, 1/8″ 5052 front fairing
  • All aluminum components undergo a CNC deburring process to eliminate sharp edges for a high end, finished appearance
  • T-Slot comes machined to accept 1/4″ nut plates and carriage bolts to simplify installation of accessories without ever having to remove bars
  • Front wind fairing matches the contour of the roof and windshield for a superior fit and finish and improved aerodynamics
  • Includes rubber trim and all necessary hardware for installation
  • Front fairing designed to accommodate up to a 42″ light bar
  • Built in side panel slots allow unlimited options for adding accessories such as handles, side lighting, awning mounts, and more
  • Entirely bolt on design utilizes clamp system and OEM Ford mounting studs to secure to the truck
  • Includes a filler piece for each side for a completed look that can be uninstalled in order to take off roof panels without removing the rack
  • Rack is less than 4″ above highest point of the truck
  • Industry standard T-slot cross-bars are compatible with hundreds of accessories
  • Heavy duty black textured powdercoat finish comes standard, plus we take it a step further and coat all racks with an epoxy primer for an exponentially more durable finish
  • Includes black stainless steel hardware, and trim
  • Easy bolt together assembly, takes about 45 minutes to install
  • All hardware and installation instructions provided
  • WEIGHS 74lbs

The Bronco Roof with a factory rack is rated by Ford with a Max load 110lbs dynamic and 450lbs static evenly distributed. The RCI roof rack is not officially rated as the Bronco roof is the limiting factor however the RCI roof rack is designed to hold over 750lbs of static/dynamic load, but always use your best judgment when adding accessories to the roof of your vehicle.

**Installation of the filler panels significantly increases the rigidity of the rack. It is strongly recommended that the filler plates be installed for high-load applications such as the use of roof top tent

**This is a new product and will begin shipping in approximately 4 weeks as we are awaiting custom packaging and hardware components






Prop 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

5 reviews for 4 Door | Full Length Roof Rack | 21-Present Bronco

  1. marcus.p.joyner (verified owner)

    Overlander and city daily driver here. I’m gonna try to leave a detailed review here.

    The packaging was very secure and protected. Every piece was wrapped nicely. Instructions were so-so, they definitely were not the easiest to follow. I wouldn’t mind RCI just throwing in a paper manual instead of just the QR code. That’s my only compliant.

    The rack itself looks great. The wind fairing is the best on the market. It literally covers the whole front of the rack down to the A pillar. You hear no whistling. In eight months I haven’t heard a single whistle, even at 100mph. The fairing looks bad a** too.

    The performance of the rack, I give it 5 stars all day. RCI you need to make it so I can post photos of my review, I’ve got some cool ones featuring your products I want to share. So I loaded up my iKamper Mini which is 130lbs. Threw some misc gear on top as well, say 50lbs. We drove in this configuration about 1000 miles, highway speeds, off road, up terrain, down terrain. The rack handled it fine, no issues at all with the dynamic weight.

    Then the stationary weight. I’m 220lbs, my girlfriend is 140lbs. The iKamper tent is 130. That’s 490lbs on top of the rack, handled it no problem. (There may have been some dynamic weight movement in the middle of the night too if you know what I mean lol, and the RCI didn’t budge or sink.)

    I have friends who bought the Tremor rack. That’s a good rack but it’s something like 33% more expensive. The RCI rack is just as good as the Tremor, TrailRax is just better at buying off every YouTube overland influencer who swears it’s the only roof rack to buy. (Even though they got their’s for free.) Just get the RCI, I think it’s more functional anyway, and the optional side saddles look like they carry more gear than the TrailRax side mounts.

    Finally, the best part about buying American is getting AMERICAN customer service. My calls and e-mails weren’t forwarded to a call center on the sub-continent. The original package was missing like four nuts. It happens, this thing requires like two thousand nuts. So I emailed them about it. Like ten minutes later they email me back saying sorry and that additional hardware was getting mailed to me before the day was over. They sent me extra hardware for the rack. I love that. It’s little stuff like that which makes a customer for life. Thanks RCI.

    -Marcus from Tennessee

  2. kimberly mcneilus

    I was able to build this roof rack with no issues, but the true reason I’m giving 4 stars is because there is an area that keeps whistling and it is unbelievable annoying. I’ve taken the rack off for now because I still cannot figure out why the right passenger side is making the whistling sound. IF you drive about 70 it is so loud that I have to unroll my side of the window to make it a little less annoying. I don’t know if this is a bronco defect or something in the spacing on the roof rack that I didn’t put on correctly is doing this. Please help!

  3. Jake

    Was finally able to install my roof rack and the quality is amazing and the assembly was super easy great customer service and a great company just sad about no sticker in the box but 10/10 would tell other bronco owners to get this roof rack

  4. Carl (verified owner)

    The company is great for their customer service when issues arise. Timelines for shipping were accurate; my rack shipped 6 weeks from date of order, and shipped via FedEx in 4 days. Minor scratches was resolved via a credit back to my account. Missing hardware was sent immediately and they have been very responsive and accommodating throughout the process. The rack itself is fairly easy to assemble, with essentially 2 tools for the majority of the project. Take your time and work essentially from the back and then the front. When it comes to putting it on top an extra pair of hands is going to make it easier. The rack itself looks great and this was the only one that advertised being able to take off the roof panels. I especially like the wind deflector thar has a straight line at the bottom; it looks better than others that curve on the bottom edge.

  5. Bryan Glover (verified owner)

    Fits our ‘22 Wildtrak 4dr perfectly. Starting with the packaging it’s clear they take extra care to make sure your rack shows up in pristine and unscratched/non-damaged condition. All the pieces were present and the hardware was securely bagged. Following their instructions found online it took me about an hour and a half to get it assembled and mounted on the Bronco with just a little help from my wife to set the assembled front portion on the roof without scratching the hard top. Everything pieced together perfectly and fitment is excellent. I’m a big fan of the high quality t-slot design on the slats as it allows a lot of versatility for mounting stuff. Test drove it to town last night and neither me nor my wife could pick up on any additional wind noise courtesy of the really slick front wind fairing. Not only does it look good but it’ll be highly functional for us. Thanks guys!

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