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The rocker panel is the most vulnerable area on your vehicle when off-road, as well as one of the most costly to repair. Protect your investment with a pair of RCI heavy duty rock sliders…





The rocker panel is the most vulnerable area on your vehicle when off-road, as well as one of the most costly to repair. Protect your investment with a pair of RCI heavy duty rock sliders.

RCI sliders utilize a full frame support mounting plate which serves both to protect your frame from damage, as well as provides an extremely rigid attachment for the sliders by using multiple bolt locations all across the frame. These will help protect the truck both on and off road, and can still be functional as a side step if needed. 




  • Protects rocker panels and doors
  • Our sliders utilize a 2″ square main tube which is far stronger than 1.75″ round tube used by competitors
  • Sliders now come STANDARD with 1.75″ DOM outer rails for uncompromised strength
  • Heavy duty 1/4″ thick gussets on all four legs
  • 45 degree mitered main tube ends provide a superior aesthetic appearance as well as more functional design that won’t hang up
  • Full length 3/16″ frame plate and FOUR leg design guarantee a slider as strong or stronger than anything on the market
  • Easily capable of supporting the entire side of truck for lifting with hi-lift, or sliding on rocks
  • Standard 20 degree upward angle creates a low profile with maximum ground clearance
  • Direct bolt on addition to existing mounting locations, no drilling required
  • Available bolt on tread plate for step surface provides many benefits
    • Added safety for kids and pets getting in and out of the vehicle
    • Added protection to rocker panels from rocks and debris thrown from tires
    • Dimpled surface gives added grip and provides structural rigidity to the slider
    • We recommend 5 Degree angle with this option, for flatter step surface
  • Easy install with only basic hand tools
  • Available with our heavy duty black textured powdercoat finish, plus we take it a step further and coat all rock sliders with an epoxy primer for an exponentially more durable finish than competitors. We now powder coat in-house allowing us to provide better quality, and shorter lead times for the same cost!
  • Includes all hardware instructions (grade 5 & 8 where applicable)
  • Now standard with RCI’s signature low profile rear kick-out
  • Fits 2005-2015 4wd access cab and double cab trucks



Made In Loveland, CO


Additional information

Top Tread Plate

No Top Tread Plate, Add Top Tread Plate


Bare Metal, Satin Black Powdercoat

Slider Length

Double Cab Short Bed / Access Cab 6' Bed

Slider Angle

20 Degree Sliders (Standard), 5 Degree Sliders

3 reviews for Rock Sliders | 05-15 Tacoma

  1. Bill (verified owner)

    Definitely one of the better built sliders out there. Very easy to install. Everything lined up perfect. Had zero problems. I received the 5* with top step by request of wife. Not only are these great as rocksliders, but make for an excellent step and easier access to roof accessories. Took half the time stated to receive them and when called with a question, got an immediate response. My truck is a 2015 double cab, short bed. I highly recommend RCI products!!!

  2. Paul P. (verified owner)

    Extremely well built. I opted for 5 degree with tread plate because I need it more for a step. Just nice to know it’s capable of being more than a step.

    Installation was easy enough, with the only difficulty being fitting my arm way into the frame to install the washer & nut to the bolt. Honestly easy enough to do by yourself (I used my hydraulic jack to hold the sliders in place while I fastened it to the frame rail).

    I was a little concerned with the strength of the large D-shaped washers included with the kit as, after tightening, I could see them starting to flex (cave in) slightly. But, after actually trying these sliders as a step, jumping on them, and using the square tube as a jack stand support, all seems to be fine!

    If I could do it all again, I’d opt to get it powder painted by RCI. Nothing wrong with going the Rustoleum rattle can route. I’m just not good with the waiting game of curing the primer & paint.

    Looking forward to other product purchases from RCI, when funds are available.

  3. Adam

    I’ve saved more than I spent on these… that’s for certain. Living in the PNW now and the 5 degree angle is perfect for getting around narrow trails below the tree line. Should call em’ the 5 degree Tree Sliders.

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