Fumoto Valve
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Everyone who changes their own oil knows that it always ends up being a messier job than expected. While our skid plates are designed to allow oil changes without removal, it's still tough to pull the oil drain plug without getting dirty. The solution is the Fumoto oil drain valve. This valve replaces your oil drain plug and allows for a tool-free oil change simply by turning the valve 90 degrees. A low profile design, it locks into the closed position so it cannot be accidentally opened. Best of all, once installed, the RCI skid plates will fully protect the valve from damage.


*We highly recommend this upgrade for Ecoboost trucks which use a side mounted drain plug. The Fumoto Valve will include a 90 degree elbow allowing oil to drain straight down through the oil cover located on the transmission skid plate.


  • Tool-free oil draining
  • No messy hands or cloths
  • Avoid contact with hot oil
  • No more stripped threads or frozen plugs
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Durability


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  • Item #: Fumoto
  • Manufacturer: Fumoto Engineering
  • Cannot ship to: Canada

Fumoto Valve

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